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Operational Office: Contrada Santo Stefano – Località Ciminarella
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“Immersed in the charming Apulian countryside, my family is devoted to the cultivation of Bella di Cerignola Variety olive trees since the end of 1800. All the land owned are in Agro di Cerignola, town in the county of Foggia, which have been watching for centuries over this very special olives cultivar. Here, on the flat lands of Tavoliere, among the breezes of the close sea to the East and the fresh currents of the Appennino to the West, are growing our olives of firm and crispy flesh and a perfect silhouette. They are Bella di Cerignola Olives by Agricola Fratepietro.


It was the 9th of April of 1890 when Giovanni Fratepietro received from his beloved grandfather a legacy destined to leave a mark in his life and in the one of all his descendants. In 1890 Giovanni was 16 years old, was living in Cerignola, Apulia, and was mature enough to inherit the farm located in Santo Stefano, contrada Ciminarella, and young enough to dream about move it forward. After gaining a degree in Law, the licence to practice and becoming a renowned lawyer, Giovanni never lost sight of his love for he farm, becoming simultaneously a well-respected farmer.

As Fratepietro Farm started to grow in time and with the increase of fields so did the passion for his land. Giovanni transmitted the love for the cure of olive trees to his sons Carlo, Benedetto and Domenico, to whom he left the company.

Thanks to the father’s teaching Carlo, professor of the Agricultural Technical Institute of Cerignola, devoted himself to the study of olive tree to the point of writing down a Treaty where the quality of olive of Spain, today Bella di Cerignola, are decanted: “The Olive tree in History – Foggia, 1932”. Benedetto instead, more prone to the legal practise, was destined to become a brilliant lawyer with insignia by the President of the Republic. Domenico, graduated in Law too, was ruled by an extraordinary passion for the land and decided to completely devote himself to the farm.

When he died, in 1990, his son Giovanni, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Insurer, graduated in Law, took over the company with passion and with targeted investments drove the company into a modern model of agriculture aimed to the rationalisation of the cycles of cultivation.


Today Giovanni’s sons, Domenico and Andrea, together with his wife Valentina carry on the company with a dedication that has been past through generations. Domenico, graduated in Economics and Trade, dedicates his graduate thesis to the “Technical and economic aspects of the table olives sector”, while Andrea, lawyer, already involved in an European research project, is the company’s business manager. Valentina, with a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology is in charge of the marketing strategy and of the company’s organisational management. Today Fratepietro Farm produces table olives from the cultivar Bella di Cerignola, singular variety of this region. The control over the entire production chain, from the cure of the olive to the birth of the product until the packaging leads to obtain am undetectable product of high quality which reflects territorial identity. Thanks to a vision which looks to the future without forgetting the past, Fratepietro Farm wisely mix craft tradition and technological innovation succeeding in creating a unique product.

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