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/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Oil is the medium fruity extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian of olives Bella di Cerignola and Coratina. The blend, cold extracted,is realised following a single ancient recipe of the Fratepietro’s family, it is an unexpected melting pot of flavours that evokes the perfumes of the Apulian countryside. The equilibrate taste and the intense green colour with golden yellow shades is the emblem of the high quality of the raw material and the traditional cuisine. The two cultivar, Bella di Cerignola and Coratina, are indeed the most representative olive trees’ variety of the territory. Oil is the extra virgin olive oil that is created only with olives cultivated in the olive trees of the farm. Once collected, the olives are selected and brought in the mill in order to be milled within a few hours. This allows to maintain unaltered the aromas of fruits and the hints of the olives freshly squeezed.

Pairing Olio and food

Oil is the extra virgin to be used raw or for cooking in the kitchen. Its versatility depends on the equilibrate taste that comes from a strong harmony between bitter and spicy. People are captivated by the flowery smell where notes of tomato and aromatic herbs stand out. The palate is conquered by almond notes and especially  by the hints of freshly cut grass . To the taste you are pleasantly surprised at the end: a spicy and lightly bitter aftertaste. Oil is the ideal ingredient to enhance white meat based dishes, salads, vegetables, steamed and boiled fish,fresh cheeses like mozzarella or ricotta, pinzimoni and hot bruschetta with homemade bread.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fratepietro is available in 250ml and 500ml bottle, and 1l and 5l tin