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The tomatoes are one of the most authentic aliments of the Italian food culture.Always on our tables, they are at the core of the most classical recipes of the tradition. The tomatoes of the Fratepietro’s Farm reflect the beautiful scenery where they are cultivated, Apulia. Thanks to the delicate flavour and the intense colour, the tomatoes are the essential ingredient needed to prepare at home an unforgettable dish. Like for olives, the farm is responsible for the entire production cycle, following the steps of the entire chain, from cultivation to transformation. The tomatoes, cultivated and collected in the fields  owned by the family, are selected in order to be transformed in the farm factories as tomato sauce or peeled tomatoes. The tomatoes, like the olives, for the family Fratepietro represent a love relationship between the craftsmanship of the old-time processing mixed with  modern agriculture, a mixture able to offer a  unique gastronomic product.

The tomato puree is available in 580ml glass jar


The hand peeled tomatoes are available in 580ml glass jar


The peeled tomatoes are available in 400gr, 800gr and 2550gr tin